At PLANT RICH catering in Melbourne, we work to encourage culture around vegetarian diet and grow every day to inspire sustainable and cruelty free lifestyle among people.

“Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet”
– Albert Einstein


Our plant rich caterers in Melbourne are committed only to the best locally sourced produce and work closely with our community of Victorian farmers. As we have close relations with our local vendors, it ensures us the freshest seasonal produce every time. We pride ourselves on using only Certified organic eggs and Milk and making our yogurt and soft cheeses. 


At PLANT RICH, we make conscious choices with little adjustments in our daily practices-

  • In our food catering services, We use ingredients in their absolute raw form which reduces processed food intake resulting in less packaging waste sent to landfills.
  • NO single-use plastic in our kitchen.
  • Use of earth-friendly cleaning products for the kitchen.
  • Boxes, cups and cutlery are made from environmentally conscious materials such as bamboo, corn, bamboo and sugarcane pulp to keep food items safe from toxins.

Food is packed and delivered, also served  by our caterers in Melbourne made 100% Biodegradable/recyclable platters which are not only sturdy but look sleek and stylish making them perfect for circulating food.

With products in our range of vegetarian corporate catering in Melbourne starting from $1.30, we are keeping affordability at the forefront along with the taste and flavours. We recommend between 9-11 pieces of canapés per adult for a meal as volume. Anything less than 8 is suitable for pre-dinner canapés. It’s best to order a mix of “Cold”, “Hot” and “Substantial’s” to make sure everyone is well-fed. Each platter consists of 20 pieces unless specified otherwise.

Start Planning Delicious Moments With Us

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