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Your Favourite Sandwich Platters – All At One Place!

Want to grab a healthy bite? Or planning to host an event or a party? Customise some of the most unique and delicious sandwich platters Melbourne offers. Our wide range of food options will build your appetite and let you enjoy tasty, wholesome food without guilt. Our sandwich catering services in Melbourne include an impressive array of food options that satisfy your health requirements.

Plant Rich Catering has catered to many important events across Melbourne. Our chefs have seen through all the challenges that have come rolling our way while serving you the quality sandwiches and wraps you deserve. We do not compromise on quality and use fresh produce while cooking.

A Wholesome Sandwiches & Wraps Catering Experience in Melbourne

A celebration always needs an exquisite food platter. And if you are arranging something on short notice or have been planning something for a long time, sandwiches and wraps could be your go-to solution for food. Plant Rich Catering offers an extensive range of wraps and sandwich platters across Melbourne. Let yourself and your guests experience a wholesome catering service with some of the most flavoursome sandwiches and wraps.

Treat Yourself To A Blissful Sandwiches & Wraps Platter

    • A variety of sandwich and wrap fillings
    • Gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free alternatives available
    • Customise the menu according to your needs
    • Healthy & fresh produce
    • Pocket-friendly options available
    • Best suited for an individual treat as well as for an event

Finest Sandwich Catering Melbourne-wide

We are trusted by thousands of customers we have had the pleasure of serving. Whether you are hosting a private event, a corporate luncheon, or a gathering that calls for delicious Sandwich Catering in Melbourne CBD, Plant Rich Catering has got you covered. We come with a promise of good food, fantastic staff, and a premium catering experience. Avoid being caught up in the web of ‘what to cook and serve,’ ‘what ingredients would be required,’ and so on. Leave your food necessities to us, and you focus on creating a wonderful experience for your guests and yourself.

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