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At PLANT RICH we know and understand the sadness and stress involved in organizing a funeral for a loved one. When a loved one passes away, there is nothing that can take the pain away. It’s the most difficult time whether it was expected or not. They say funerals should be also about celebrating the person’s life and all of their accomplishments.

There are many details to care for in a short time frame, a plot to bury the loved one, venue for the wake. There is a lot to do while you are dealing with the emotional side of things, so the last thing to think about is funeral catering. Whether you seek to comfort just close family and friends or a large gathering of people at the wake, we have done all the planning and have prepared freshly made food that is filled with kindness, warmth, and incredible flavors that will nourish every soul.

At Plant Rich, we offer a range of food options that can be delivered to your venue at this trying time, which can be served by our WAIT STAFF to your guests regularly without being intrusive, as we understand the sensitivity of the occasion.
We have provided some of the popular products below but please feel free to choose more options. We recommend 9-11 pieces per adult for a meal portion and anything less than 8 is suitable for pre-dinner CANAPES. It’s best to order a mix of “cold”, “hot” and “substantial” to make sure guests are well fed.