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Whether you’re keen on bringing something special to that next picnic or gathering, consider how a vegetarian grazing box could be the ticket. Plant Rich Catering Foods specialises in providing finger food catering Melbourne-wide and can help you if you’ve been curious about trying out a vegetarian grazing box. Melbourne is a city of all tastes and flavours, but it is certainly a city that caters to the needs of the health-conscious. Whether to meet a dietary or nutritional requirement, our vegetarian grazing boxes and platters will certainly provide something for all to try, regardless of their preferences.

Vegetarian & Vegan Grazing Boards, Platters & Boxes

If you’d like to explore ways to make a much-appreciated difference in the finger food spread at your next event, know that our finger food catering service is among Melbourne’s most sought-after. Our grazing platters are certainly popular among the vegetarian and vegan community, as we certainly do not sacrifice good flavour just for the sake of keeping to a specific nutritional profile. As we are a specialist provider of vegetarian and vegan finger food, you can trust that what we provide will definitely meet a wider range of dietary needs for your next event.

Just browse our menu items online to know what we can provide with our vegetarian grazing boxes in Melbourne. If you are ever interested in putting one together, all you have to do is get in touch with our staff and we’ll be more than glad to help you piece together an ideal vegetarian grazing box that Melbourne foodies would love to try. Call 03 7036 4151 to talk to one of our friendly staff.