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Trio of Dips


Selection of three dips accompanied by vegetable crudites, turkish lavash, water crackers, and house marinated olives.

  1. Tomatillo, jalapeno Avocado
  2. Spiced Beetroot & carrot.
  3. Pumpkin, raw mango, onion

Serves 8-10 people


crackers and lavosh are packed seperately for freshness, simply unwrap, spread it around the platter and serve.

Completely change your entertaining game with our sensational Trio of Dips platter, a gourmet selection that promises to dazzle your guests and elevate any gathering to new heights. Perfect for sharing among 8-10 people, this indulgent spread features a tantalising trio of flavorful dips accompanied by a variety of dippable delights, including fresh vegetable crudites, Turkish lavash, water crackers, and house-marinated olives.

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Dive into the first dip, a zesty Tomatillo and Jalapeno Avocado creation that packs a punch of flavour with every scoop. Creamy avocado meets tangy tomatillo and spicy jalapeno for a dip that’s as vibrant as it is delicious.

Next up, indulge your taste buds with our Spiced Beetroot and Carrot Dip, a delightful blend of earthy sweetness and aromatic spices that’s sure to tantalise your palate. Perfect for those who love a hint of warmth and complexity in their dips.

And last but certainly not least, savour the exotic flavours of our Pumpkin, Raw Mango, and Onion Dip, a tropical-inspired creation that balances the sweetness of pumpkin with the tangy freshness of mango and the savoury depth of onion. It’s a flavour explosion unlike any other.

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Treat yourself and your guests to the ultimate indulgence with our delicious Trio of Dips platter. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party, a cocktail soiree, or a casual get-together with friends, this gourmet spread is sure to impress.

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Experience the taste of perfection with our Veg Trio of Dips in Australia. Made with love and care using only the finest ingredients, our dips are a delicious reminder of the joys of sharing good food with good company.

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