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Polenta bites (20)


Lightly fried crispy discs of herbed polenta topped with, Meridith goats curd cherry tomatoes, pesto.

QTY- 20 per platter.

Have a bite of our irresistible polenta bites, a tantalising fusion of flavours and textures that promises to delight your senses with every crispy bite. Indulge in the exquisite combination of lightly fried, crispy discs of herbed polenta, topped with creamy Meridith goats curd, juicy cherry tomatoes, and a dollop of flavorful pesto.

Exclusively Made, With Fresh Ingredients, For Our Clients

Upscale your appetiser game with our polenta bites, the perfect marriage of simplicity and sophistication. Each bite-sized disc offers a symphony of flavours, from the comforting warmth of the polenta to the creamy richness of the goat’s curd, all enhanced by the vibrant freshness of the cherry tomatoes and the zesty kick of the pesto.

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